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01-02 October, 2012

Venue: Herkaus Manto str. 84, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Language of the conference: Russian / English


Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (KSTP)

   The Klaipeda Science and technology Park (KSTP) is a mediator between science and business structures. Its task is to enhance communication between science and businesses, increase the level of entrepreneurship and promote development of knowledge based economy in the Klaipeda Region.
   Gathering under the roof of KSTP enthusiasts of successful development from Klaipeda City and all of western Lithuania, progressive thinking students full of innovative ideas, post-graduates, entrepreneurs and their enterprises will help to enhance collaboration between science, industry and other branches of economy as well as development of high technology sectors. The KSTP plays an important role in creation and promotion of the city and region image and distinction, and it also sets innovation culture traditions in the region. Therefore, the activity of the Park ensures social connection of science and business institutions: creates the necessary environment for knowledge and technology exchange, sets favorable conditions to provide high value added services, and promotes the scientific and industrial potential of the region.
   The mission of the KSTP is to promote the development of modern scientific technologies, provide infrastructural and consulting services for innovative enterprises and business ideas throughout Lithuania and all of  the western and eastern European countries.
   Research and development projects in the modern knowledge and innovation based economy are developing rapidly. In the global market competences needed to implement the research and development projects cover a wide range of scientific, administrative and business knowledge. Therefore, the success of research and development projects depends on the competences of the implementation team. Help of local experts in the competitive markets it is not always sufficient, therefore, the KSTP team can support finding required cooperation with foreign specialists. The KSTP is a dynamic international unit ensuring high expert competence and success in project implementation. During the life of the company, KSTP has created a wide and mature partnership network. Employing the collaboration possibilities and considering fields of research and development projects, the Park staff has created a competent and effective expert group: a "KSTP team" necessary for a project implementation.

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