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01-02 October, 2012

Venue: Herkaus Manto str. 84, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Language of the conference: Russian / English





Plenary 20th

files// Center for Scientific and Technological Potential, Science History Studies (STEPS.ppt
files// Chancellor of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of.ppt
files// Director of Division of Technologies and Innovation.ppt
files// Director of the Technology Park in Astana, Kazakhstan -Mr. Murat Akshalov.ppt
files// Introduction to thematic bloc II (KSTP) Klaipeda Science and Technology Park - Giles.ppt
files// Introduction to thematic bloc III (KEDA) Klaipeda Economic Development Agency -.ppt
files// Introduction to thematic block I (CORPI) Coastal Research and Planning Institute - Dr. N.pptx
files// Vice -minister of Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania ŌĆō.pdf


files// Dr. Svetlana Aitkeldieva - Director of Institute of.ppt
files// Dr. Vladimir Berezin - Director of laboratory of Institute of.ppt
files// Prof. Sigitas Tamulevičius Micro- and nanotechnologies -.pdf
files// Report in english.pdf
files// Report in russian.pdf 


files// (Russian) Mr. Murat Akshalov, Director of the Technology Park in Astana, Kazakhstan Priority sectors of technology development in the Republic of Kazakhstan..ppt
files// Dr. Alexander Uspenskiy - Director of Republican Center for Technology Transfer, Belarus.ppt
files// Dr. Kastytis Gečas, Director of Lithuanian Innovation Center, Lithuania Enterprise Europe Network the.ppt
files// Mr. Andrius Sutinkas, Communication Manager at Klaipeda Science and Technology Park, Lithuania.ppt
files// Mr. Anvar Ibragimov, Deputy Director of Technology Transfer Agency under Ministry ofb Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan Main barriers for implementing inte.ppt
files// Mr. Murat Akshalov, Director of the Technology Park in Astana, Kazakhstan Priority sectors of technology development in the Republic of Kazakhstan..pptx
files// Prof. Dr. Paata J. Kervalishvili, Visiting professor at Harvard University (USA) president of Georgian Academy of Natural Sciences Georgia Advanced energy t.ppt
files// Mr. Boris A. Poltorakevich Chairman for Baltic States, Moscow Chamber of Commerce.ppt  


files// Dr. Monika Kriaučionien - Kaunas Technology University Creative industrial business systems the technological component.ppt
files// Mr. Bagdžiūnas - crowdsourcing.pdf
files// Mr. Darius Bagdžiūnas - Director of Gaumina Interactive Lithuania.pdf
files// Mr. Vidmantas Tomkus - „Arcus novus“ owner, Lithuania.pdf
files// Mr. Visvaldas Petraitis - businessman, Lithuania.pdf

Moderated discussion

files// Moderated discussion - On the Way to Knowledge Economy.pptx

Opportunities of Cooperation in 5 Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centers (Valleys) of

files// Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley) SANTAKA in Kaunas.ppt
files// National Centre for Physical and Technological Sciences ŌĆō routes for scient.ppt
files// SANTARA - biotechnology, biopharmacy,molecular medicine, informatics, ecosy.ppt
files// the Development of Lithuanian Maritime Sector Dr. Zita Rasuole Gasiunaite ŌĆō.ppt
files// The role of Nemunas valley in developing (creating) competitiveness ability.ppt 

Summing up results of the three sessions

files// 1.Session I report from CORPI ŌĆō Dr. N. Bla_Šauskas, Coastal Research and Planning Institute, Klaipeda University.pptx
files// Dr. Viktoras Mongirdas - Representative from state Agency for Science, Innovation and.ppt
files// Moderated discussion - On the Way to Knowledge Economy.pptx
files// Session II report from KSTP - Giles Brandon, Principal Consultant Intelligentsia Consultants Ltd (Intelligentsia).ppt
files// Session III report from KEDA - Dr. Monika Kriaučionien÷, Kaunas Technology University.ppt 

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